Recommended by our goddaughter, my husband and I had a preliminary meeting with Tony and Leen in late July, 2014. We were undecided about when to sell our home of 30 years but were thinking about the fall. We discussed the pros and cons of selling in the fall or postponing for six months. We reviewed the process of selling a house and what Tony and Leen would bring to that process. Perhaps most importantly, Tony and Leen asked us what we wanted from the sale–that is, how we wanted our values and experience in our home to affect the process and the desired outcome. They gave us some written information and told us to contact them whenever we were ready to move forward. They exerted no pressure on us to work with them. Two months later, we contacted Tony and Leen again. At this second meeting, we had no hesitation about signing on with them as our real estate agents. Tony and Leen operate as a team. This is a strength. Leen guided us through the photographic process and the staging of our home for prospective buyers using our own furnishings. Her communication with us was clear and helpful. At our initial open house, she carefully highlighted the strengths of our home and created a welcoming atmosphere. She and Tony were both present and available on separate floors to answer the questions of prospective buyers. Tony oversaw the process of securing a buyer, communicating with us and guiding the negotiations with the prospective buyer’s agent. He carefully explained to us the documents we needed to sign and clearly communicated the strategies he felt would lead us to a successful sale. He kept us updated at all times and returned phone calls, emails, and texts promptly. Tony and Leen were always clear and transparent in their communications with us. ~We had a successful sale. Recent trends in our neighborhood favored successful and fast moving real estate transactions. Nonetheless, we have no doubt that Tony and Leen’s professionalism and skill capitalized on that reality for us. Warm and personable–lovely to work with–they offer a practiced visual sense; clear, responsive and prompt communication; significant negotiating skill; and calm professionalism. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

— S.G. & G.N.​

— Anonymous